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May, 2019

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In Dystopicon the players will live in a dystopian society in which they receive money to watch TV. With that money they pay services to cover their basic needs. Throughout the game they will discover the details of this dystopia in which the government monitors your movements but gives you freedom of choice. Take your time to explore the different objects and the mechanics in your first day. Playing time: less than 1 hour. Justice and work!


The idea of Dystopicon was born because we wanted to make a game about politics but using ambiguity so that the player drew his own conclusions. All the messages that are given in the game can be interpreted from different perspectives. Some of the players have described the game "as a capitalist nightmare" and others as a "simulator of communist life". This is exactly what we wanted to achieve :D


  • This game is inspired in the classic novels 1984, A Happy World and Ubik.
  • The aim of the game is ambiguity and choices
  • The story will be told through gameplay, texts and comics.


Gameplay GrayStillPlays, 2M suscribers YouTube

Gameplay by Alpha Beta Gamer YouTube

Gameplay by Zombikittie YouTube

Gameplay by Kwirkee YouTube

Early teaser YouTube

Early gameplay made by Cryptic Hybrid YouTube, Vimeo

Other early gameplay made by CazGirl Plays YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Dystopicon te enseña que el capitalismo te vende sueños a precio de pesadillas."
    - Adrián Suárez Mouriño, MundoGamers
  • "¿Han visto qué pocos recursos se necesitan para hablar del capitalismo, del aislacionismo tecnológico y la individualización extrema de una sociedad en la que faltan comunidades?"
    - Javier Alemán, Nivel Oculto
  • "It’s an interesting little game with multiple endings and a offers a dark analogy for how governments (not just authoritarian ones) try to control the public via media. Will you be a bood, compliant citizen?"
    - Free Game Planet, All The Best Free Video Games With New Additions Every Day

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Dystopicon Credits

J. Felipe Molina
Game design, level design, code and sound

Mario Alba
Concept art, Comics, texts and text editor

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